LearnGeek by JD Dillon. 

Hi! I'm JD - the founder and principal at LearnGeek. I provide advice and insights into modern learning and performance practices to help employees do their best work every day. When your people succeed, your organization does too!

I started out on the frontline - managing movie theaters and theme parks. I got into L&D during my time with Disney and supported 65,000 cast members in every line of business, from retail and food service to attractions and housekeeping. After a few years, I made the jump to contact center operations with Kaplan, where I oversaw learning technology and content development. After 25 years leading Operations and L&D, I've become an authority on frontline enablement and staunch advocate for improving the employee experience.

In addition to my work with LearnGeek, I'm the Chief Learning Officer and Vice President of Strategic Alignment with Canadian technology company Axonify. I collaborate with an award-winning team to build technology, content and services that enable more than 3 million frontline employees around the world in industries like retail, grocery, financial services, hospitality and beyond.


I deliver keynotes, facilitate education sessions and host workshops for organizations around the world.  Check out my schedule  to see where I'm speaking next or browse my presentation archive to review past content.


I collaborate with teams of all sizes to reimagine their workplace learning and performance practices. I also facilitate ideation workshops with L&D and HR practitioners to challenge their perspective and enable change.


I curate proven practices on a range of  learning and performance topics as part of my ongoing commitment to the global L&D community. Grab a copy of my book - The Modern Learning Ecosystem - to learn more about my approach.


I am an experienced event host who is ready to share your story with any audience. Online or in-person. International conferences. Roundtable conversations. Podcasts. Livestreams. Team events.

I'm a prolific author and speaker in the workplace learning community, publishing over 100 articles, reports, blog posts, podcasts, livestreams and presentations annually. I explore a variety of modern learning themes, including:

  • Frontline Enablement
  • Learning Ecosystem Strategy
  • Employee Experience Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Microlearning
  • Personalized and Adaptive Learning
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Onboarding
  • Digital Transformation

I share stories through a variety of industry channels, including the Axonify Blog, Learning Solutions MagazineTD Magazine, CLO Magazine, Training & Development Magazine, Training Industry and Training Magazine. I am also a frequent speaker at regional and international events, including the ATD International Conference & Expo, ATD Core 4, ATD TechKnowledge, Learning Solutions, DevLearn and Training Magazine Conference. 

My book - The Modern Learning Ecosystem: A New L&D Mindset for the Ever-Changing Workplace - dropped in November 2022.

Review my LinkedIn profile for more details on my professional experience.