I'm passionate about helping people do their best work every day. To support this mission, I offer a variety of services designed to empower, engage and inspire. Whether you're looking for dynamic speaker, expert adviser or practical insights into the modern workplace, my offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse audiences and organizations.

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Elevate your next event with LearnGeek! I offer keynotes, education sessions and virtual presentations that address crucial aspects of modern workplace learning and strategy.

LearnGeek sessions offer an engaging, practical look into today's workplace. I dive into an always-evolving list themes, including ecosystem strategy, digital innovation, modern learning techniques, influencing methods and AI-enabled practices. And every story is delivered with my trademark storytelling style inspired by my years with Disney.

Whether in person or online, these presentations will leave your audience inspired and equipped for tackling whatever comes next. Check out my sample list of my presentation topics. I also craft custom stories to fit the needs of any organization. 

Title slide for Harness AI to Transform Your Learning Ecosystem from LearnGeek

Explore how AI is shifting business priorities, transforming how work gets done and redefining organizational learning.

The Modern Learning Mindset

Kickstart your learning transformation by escaping the course mentality and architecting an always-on support ecosystem.

The Game of Influence

Build trust, navigate objections and master the game of influence by helping stakeholders think differently. 

Learning Disrupted: Lessons from the Frontline

Apply proven practices to make sure every team member gets the support they need to do their best work every day.


Get the insights you need to transform your talent strategy! I offer advising sessions on crafting modern learning and support experiences.

Whether you're looking for a quick brainstorming partner to spark new ideas or a series of touch points to refine your approach, I'll provide expert advice on architecting a modern learning and support strategy tailored to the needs of your business and workforce. 

Get the benefit of my 20+ years of operations and L&D experience without the need to sign onto a lengthy, expensive consulting engagement! 

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Invite me to join your book club! I'll help you connect key themes from The Modern Learning Ecosystem to the challenges you're facing in your everyday work. 

Through this interactive virtual discussion, we'll explore how the strategies from the book can be applied to overcome your unique hurdles, fostering a richer understanding and practical application of modern learning principles in your workplace.

Be sure to checkout my Modern Learning Ecosystem READ ALONG. Thanks for your support!  


Bring LearnGeek to your platform! As a storyteller with a knack for inspiring action,  I specialize in translating complex ideas into relatable narratives that engage audiences through a variety of formats and channels.

Whether it's swapping stories on your podcast, joining a panel discussion or creating content for your magazine, blog or YouTube channel, I'm always looking for new ways to educate, motivate and empower people and organizations to make lasting change.

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