ATD Atlanta Webinar

The Modern Learning Mindset: Rethinking the Role of L&D in Today’s Workplace
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 @ 1130am ET (online)

The pace of workplace change is downright ridiculous! Employees must contend with a never-ending stream of new processes, regulations, products, and technologies. Meanwhile, companies struggle to close critical skill gaps that put their future growth at risk. On top of all that, budgets are tightening as teams are asked to do more with less as the result of ongoing economic uncertainty.

How can we possibly keep up?! New technology is exciting, but it’s not the answer. Great content is vital, but it’s not the answer. Every successful workplace transformation begins in the same place: mindset. In this exclusive ATD23 preview, JD Dillon (LearnGeek + Axonify) breaks down the modern learning mindset. JD will explain what it takes for L&D to escape the course mentality, influence stakeholders to embrace new ideas and architect a workplace learning experience that fosters agility and drives results.

An organization can only transform as fast as its people can learn. Let’s kickstart your L&D evolution and make sure people get the help they need to do their best work today while building the skills they’ll need to be successful tomorrow.


May 16 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




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