ATD Korea Summit

Skill-centered talent development and management is now an undeniable trend.

With the advancement of digital technology and globalization, talent selection methods that focus on academic background or experience are no longer effective. Nowadays, customized talent development based on actual skills and abilities and realignment of roles within the organization are becoming important.

The ATD Korea Summit was launched to understand the impact of skill-based talent management strategies and explore feasible solutions. Discover the latest trends that domestic and international HR and HRD experts need to know, as well as practical insights through the success stories of industry-leading companies. We provide a venue for HR/HRD networking to elevate your expertise as a leader in talent development and management and promote sustainable growth of the company.

The Modern Learning Ecosystem: L&D’s New Role in the AI-Enabled Workplace

L&D is already overloaded by performance challenges, compliance requirements and stakeholder demands. Now artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing how work gets done. Traditional training cannot keep up with the needs of today’s organizations. It’s time to rethink L&D for the AI-enabled workplace.

Join JD Dillon – Founder of LearnGeek and CLO of Axonify – as we re-architect the learning ecosystem. JD will show you how to adapt your learning strategy to keep pace with change, provide right-fit solutions and make sure people are ready for what comes next. He’ll also explain how L&D can prepare for the impact of AI and leverage this technology to make learning and support more efficient, personal, scalable and equitable.


Jul 11 - 12 2024


All Day


Seoul, South Korea


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