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Welcome to a groundbreaking event that transcends boundaries and sets the stage for transformation. Get ready to unlock talent development synergies at Learning & HR Tech Solutions on April 23 – 25 in Orlando, Florida.

AI Symposium
Monday, April 22, 2024

In today’s evolving work landscape, Learning & Development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) are increasingly intersecting to foster a more enriched organizational environment. A significant player in this merger is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which acts as a catalyst, unveiling new avenues of innovation and strategic advancement.

This one-day event invites L&D and HR practitioners to delve into the sphere of AI, exploring its potential in redefining workforce strategies and organizational cultures. The agenda encompasses interactive dialogues, analytical discussions, and a series of panels and presentations that shed light on the latest AI-driven trends in managing and developing.

Whether you are an established professional or a newcomer in the L&D or HR field, this symposium is a prime opportunity to augment your AI literacy. You will depart with actionable insights to initiate informed discussions and drive AI-centric transformations within your organizations.

JD will facilitate the afternoon discussion “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work.”


Harness AI to Transform Your Learning Ecosystem
Thursday, April 25, 2024 @ 830am ET

AI is transforming how L&D professionals work. We can generate courses from source materials in minutes. We can translate content into dozens of languages with a single click. We can adapt learning experiences to individual employee’s needs in real time. AI-powered technology is helping us solve familiar problems faster and more efficiently.

But this is just the beginning of L&D’s transformation.

Stakeholders across our organizations are also experimenting with AI use cases. But they’re not just changing how work gets done. They’re deciding what work needs to be done at all within an AI-powered organization. They’re applying AI to remake individual jobs, full departments, and entire business strategies. As the work evolves, what it means to support the work must also evolve. L&D must think bigger than AI-generated content. We must facilitate a top-to-bottom metamorphosis of what it means to learn and develop in the modern workplace.

In this session, we’ll discuss the immediate and long-term impacts of AI on L&D. Rather than focus on specific applications, we’ll approach the topic from a strategic perspective and consider how AI-enabled technology is shifting the learning ecosystem. We’ll explore L&D’s reimagined role within the AI-enabled workplace and how we can leverage a new generation of technology to amplify subject matter experts, keep pace with operational change, and foster equitable learning experiences. We’ll outline the five tenets of AI-enabled learning and walk through a step-by-step process for architecting an AI-powered learning ecosystem.

You’ll leave this session with an action plan for shaping your AI-informed L&D strategy, along with a host of curated resources and exclusive access to the new AI chapter of my book, “The Modern Learning Ecosystem: A New L&D Mindset for the Ever-Changing Workplace.”


Apr 23 - 25 2024


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Orlando, FL | USA
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